Karero Classic Porsche

Be authentic · Drive originals · An epic showcase of the Porsche 930s class, battling the Porsche 964 Turbos power. Both cars, though competing, harmonise with the Driver, therefore creating a truly special – authentic – original experience.

As my first ever car commercial, this project sure was an ambitious one. I new from the beginning that I would want the drivers as well as the cars to feel as much in the moment as possible. The viewers experience should be an immersive one. It should make you feel like you are sitting right there in that drivers seat. To accomplish such a task I first went ahead and designed my

storyboard in a 3D program. This helped me envision the project as a whole, especially since I was working alone, with the exception of my father (John A. Kantara) who helped carrying the equipment. Ultimately, this project turned out to be a total win and both me and the client were very happy with the end result.


Some nice frames to look at.
Car Commercial

Be authentic - Drive originals · Karero

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Behind the Scenes.

Beautiful tracking shots, created the old fashion way – dangerous but worth it. Hanging out of the back of that mini van driving 150 km/h. Certainly one of the fun shoots.

My first time working with proper ARRI fixtures. Kind of never wanting to go back to simple Amazon softboxes. Although I started using smaller LED fixtures which almost always do a great job too.